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Thursday, December 5, 2013

OBIEE 11g Changing the Default Homepage for all Users

To Set a Dashboard Landing Page for all Users on OBIEE 11g

   If one want to direct all OBIEE Users to a specific Dashboard page when they login, and they have not set a specific page or home page is set to default then they can be directed via using the PORTALPATH setting.


Note :  The PORTALPATH setting will only work if the user has not set a new default home page in their my account settings.

All you need to do is make few changes in the repository to enable PORTALPATH setting.

Follow Below Steps :

  1. Open Repository
  2. Go to manage variables
  3. open up Session
  4. Go to Variables and then System
  5. create a new Session Variable
  6. create a new session variable PORTALPATH
  7. In the Default Initialiser - give the path to the required dashboard. eg /shared/samplesales/_portal/Desired_landing_page
  8. Save the Changes
  9. Close the repository
Users without a default home page in their my account setting will instead land on the new landing page
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  1. Hi,
    I have repeated the same steps as mentioned but nothing happened.
    kindly, help, I have Oracle Business Intelligence