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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

OBIEE 11g BI Server, Presentation Services takes long time to start

OBIEE 11g BI Server, Presentation Services takes long time to start and once started, their performance is also slow.

Below are some of the Factors that can cause slow start of the Presentation Server
1. Size of the repository and web catalog might also affect the start up times of the services.
2. Remove any unnecessary items from the repository and web catalog.
3. Run the process of validating the catalog as per OBIEE documentation, such as consistency check of the RPD.
4. Check if the logging was enable to the TRACE (finest level). This caused the Presentation Server to take a very long time to start (upto 15 minutes or more) and in turn cause OPMN to timeout every time, which threw an error in Enterprise Manager

Solution for Above Problem:
1.Open EM and Navigate via Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control > coreapplication > Diagnostics tab: Log Configuration sub-tab
2.Press Lock And Edit Configuration button
3.Set 'Trace' to 'OFF'
4.Click 'Apply'
5.Click 'Activate Changes'
6.Click 'Restart to apply recent changes'
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