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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Ralph Kimball Data Warehouse Architecture

Ralph Kimball data warehouse architecture which is also widely known as dimensional data warehouse architecture.

Ralph Kimball Data Warehouse Architecture

Below are some of the silent feature of Ralph Kimball Data Warehouse Architecture

  1. Transaction applications are the operational systems created to capture business transactions. The data of transaction system usually stored in relational databases (DBs) or Files (such as flat File or Spreadsheets). Those transaction systems are source systems of the data warehouse in Ralph Kimball data warehouse architecture.
  2. Data is brought from transaction system in variety forms using the ETL processes (Tools Such as Informatica or Data Stage or Oracle Data Integrator ). ETL stands for Extract,Transform , & Load. Usually data in different formats is standardized and converted into a single format that ready to load into the data warehouse.
  3. Dimensional data warehouse is the center of data warehouse architecture. The dimensional data warehouse contains enterprise data in a very granular format. Where as Bill Inmon’s data warehouse architecture uses ER modeling, the dimensional data warehouse is designed using dimensional modeling technique. It means dimensional data warehouse consists of star schema schema model or cubes. The analytic systems or reporting tools can access data  from these dimensional data warehouse directly.
  4. Data mart. In this architecture, data mart concept is just a logical distinction. The data mart is a subject area within the dimensional data warehouse.
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