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Saturday, February 25, 2017

KPI Scorecards In OBIEE

What is a KPI:
A KPI or  Key Performance Indicator is a measurement of a particular business process which is compared against specific goals and objectives of an organization. KPI’s are typically tracked over time as a way to monitor performance and drive business decisions to help improve upon that performance.
  •  KPI’s typically have both a goal and a status that reflects performance relative to the goal. 
  • In addition, KPI’s normally are “dimensionalized” – meaning they can be analyzed by any number of defined dimension attributes associated with the KPI.

  • KPI is used to analyze dashboard to allow a user to view KPI performance and drill into the details to understand why a KPI value may be off target. 
  • It can also be used to automatically trigger alerts to specific users using OBIEE’s agent mechanism when KPI target values reach critical status levels.
  • It also can be configured with another new feature – Action Links – which allow the user to initiate a action based on the status of the KPI. The action link can reference another analysis, send an email, kick off a workflow, or any other process to assist in making the KPI the basis for “actionable intelligence”.
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