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Monday, April 17, 2017

Ross Quinlan

Ross Quinlan

John Ross Quinlan is a computer science researcher,Received his BSC degree in  Physics and Computing from the University of Sydney in 1965. 

·       ID3(Iterative Dichotomiser 3 )
§  Used to generate decision trees.
§  Uses the Hunt’s algorithm with information gain criterion and gain ratio (no discretization, no missing values)

·       C4.5(Expansion of  ID3)

§  Accepts both continuous and discrete features
§  Handles incomplete data points and continuous attributes
§  Performs tree post-pruning (i.e. solves over-fitting problem by bottom-up technique)

·       C5.

o   is the current commercial successor of C4.5.
o   C5.0, the most recent Quinlan iteration
o   Claims to be much faster than C4.5
o   Also more memory efficient
o   Supports ensemble models!

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