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Monday, April 17, 2017

Setting up Multiple OBIEE systems/Instances Windows -2

Setting up Multiple OBIEE systems/Instances Windows Part 2

  1. A new instance of the BI system with in the same Oracle Home (Two Instances)

(we need to do a simple install on 32-bit system where as we need to do the software only install on 64-bit machines and then configure the system )
Based on your requirement and reqresource availability select the specific option. Both options go in almost same lines. So, here I am working on the First option on a 64-bit machine.

Pre-requisites :
Setting up BI schemas: you need to run RCU and deploy the schemas MDS and BIPLATFORM (with a different prefix) as we did for the other BI system, as the same schemas can’t be shared by two systems.

Ports Configuration: There are two ways to configure ports for new instance (as the existing system has the default ports in use we cant use them again)

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