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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management (OEMM)

 Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management (OEMM) It is used for the proliferation of different systems, data sources, solutions for BI, for ETL, etc in one enterprise. It helps end users/SysAdmin/Data Scientist/Data Steward/Developers to track which data is used by which applications. Without metaadata management from source systems to target systems it is almost impossible to perform an impact analysis on new changes.

Oracle Metadata Management (OMM) Solutions offers two products:
  1. OEMM (Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management: Used for metadata providers from Oracle and third-party technologies.
  2. OMM for OBI (Oracle Metadata Management for Oracle Business Intelligence): Used for metadata from databases, OBIEE, ODI and DAC.

 How to Install Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management (OEMM)

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