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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Difference between OBIEE 11G and OBIEE 12c

      RPD upload

Repository files are uploaded through UI in EM(enterprise Manager URL).

  • In 12c .RPD files are  uploaded by using weblogic scripting command uploadrpd to upload repository file in Oracle BI server.
  • script is used from <oracle_home>/user_projects/domains/bi/bitools/bin  to upload rpd.
  • A new ‘fragmented aggregates’ feature with aggregate Persistence allows you to add where clause to the aggregate specifications –this enables you to build aggregates containing just your hot. 
  • Logical sequence number  concept in Time dimension.


There is no concept of pluggable database in 11g.

  • Pluggable database we are using in 12c.


  • Heat Matrix view and Tree maps are new features in graphs.
  • Sorting of graphs/pivot tables from a right click menu option
  • MAShups feature :this allows to upload own external data   source (Spread sheet) and  to create subject area .
  • In dashboards ‘incoming navigation parameters  enables us  to control how parameters are applied during navigation from another dashboard.

OPMN process is  used to run BI system components anymore
  • OPMN process is not used to run BI system components anymore. System components are managed by the weblogic Management Framework which contains WLST,Node Manager and Pack and unpack utility. 
  • BAR(Business intelligence Archive) files: are the zipped up copies of RPD,Catalog and Security model Metadata from a service instance.So when deploying BI application from one server to another we can use the BAR files to transfer the metadata rather than transferring individual RPD ,Catalog and security model.

User identities are stored by GUID in presentation catalog.
  • User GUID(Globally unique identifier) is removed.
  • The security Store(Policy and Credential Stores) is configured in relational database(same databse used by RCU) rather than in a file.This change makes scaling easier and makes cluster more reliable.
  • Configuring SSL is less complex and uses  offline commands,

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