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Friday, July 25, 2014

OBIEE 11g Factless fact Table

OBIEE 11g Factless fact Table

 Factless Fact ? What does it mean, what's the use ?

Here's the Answer a factless fact table is a fact table that does not have any measures. These fact tables are non additive fact in nature.

In Short a Factless Fact has below attributes :

  1. Contains no Measures
  2. Non Additive in nature
Use of Factless Fact: 
Events sometime are modeled as a fact table containing a series of keys for each dimensions involved in the event. So these event tables have no numeric (Measures) facts associated with them and hence are called factless fact tables.

Example :

  The above fact is designed to capture the leaves taken by an employee, So whenever an employee takes leave a record is inserted into the Fact Table with the help of dimension keys.

Using the fact Fact_Leave some of the Below analysis can be done
  • Leave Count by Employee
  • Type of Leave utilization
  • Detials of Employee Taking leaves

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