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Friday, July 3, 2015

New Features in OBIEE for Developers and End Users

 Some of the New Features of OBIEE for Developers and End Users are as follows

  •  Subject Area Search & Sort options

There is an option now available to search inside the subject area while creating an analysis. It has a magnifying glass icon in the Subject Areas pane and then a search box appears and OBIEE will return all the objects that match the text entered, % wildcard search also available.

  •   Save Calculated Items in the Web Catalog:

One of the most useful feature is the ability to create calculated items in an analysis and save it in the catalog folder and can be reused in the same Subject Area like the Shared Filter.

A new icon is available for creating Calculated.

  •         Global Variables:

    A completely new type of variables called the Global Variables is available in this Edition of OBIEE. It can be defined in the context of an analysis and can be used in other analysis as well. It is very useful to do some intermediate reusable calculations in between different analysis.
Global Variables can be created from the Criteria Tab on Column Formula , Under Variables select Global Variable, an existing Global Variable can be used or a new can be Created here.

To reference a global variable you need to use the fully qualified name including the context as mentioned below: @{global.variables.variablename}.

Note: To manage Global Variables Manage Global Variables privilege is required.

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