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Monday, September 28, 2015

OBIEE - Merge Repository

The Oracle BI repository or the RPD development process adheres to the classic Software Configuration Management (SCM)process, which utilizes a three-way merge to manage concurrent development.
The merge process basically involves three repositories:
  1. The (Original|Received|Master|Parent) repository: The repository that one received before it gets changed as a part of one's development process. We should keep it preciously unchanged as a practice.
  2. The Modified repository: The repository that contains the customization one made to the original repository as a part of one's development process.
  3. The Current repository: It's the repository that is in production/Live and where some customization could have been performed by other developers as well.
In a multiuser environment (MUDE), Developers check out the file and make changes locally. Then, these changes are automatically reconciled and merged into the master repository.
Since 11g, there are two options for merging:
  • Patch merge
  • Equalize: Equalizing before merging repositories prevents unintended renaming during the merge.
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