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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

OBIEE ODBC Errors / Application / System Issues and Solutions

Below are a List of OBIEE ODBC Error Codes and Description along with the Suggested Technical Solutions and Workarounds.

ODBC Errors Codes / Application & System Issues (Analytics) Suggested Technical Solution / Workaround  (OBIEE)
Noetix - Insufficient Privileges - Any User - First Time Access to Shared foldersCheck the AD groups Association and clear the browser cache and
Analytics: [nQSError:
  96002] Essbase Error: Unknown Member- for the report/ page/ dashboard
Validate the correct member and change the filter as
  required in the report.
  46118] Out of disk space.
Database is down or the OBI Server tmp file size has
  reached its limit
  96002] Essbase: Query is allocating too large memory ( > 4GB)
Put default values to Prompt  to restrict the
  Record set for the MDX sent to obi
  17012] Bulk fetch failed. -Oracle Error code: 1013
Oracle Error - Get the Physical SQL execute in Toad to
  get the Error and fix it
  14050] Internal Error: could not find level detailed enough for GROUP BY
Its OBI Presentation Error tweak the Aggregation Rule
  and column formula
  14025] No fact table exists at the requested level of detail: 
Fix the Consistency warning in the RPD and deploy
Analytics:[nQSError: 14046] No physical join relationships exist between any of the following tables:Fix the Consistency warning in the RPD and deploy
  14070] Cannot find logical table source coverage for logical columns:
The logical column mapping for the column is missing in
  the business layer
  15018] Incorrectly defined logical table source 
Check the Business model and apply the fix for warning
  as required - Data model
  16001] ODBC error [DataDirect][ODBC PostgreSQL Wire Protocol driver]Socket
Destination Server was down - check the server , port
   of the PostgreSQL
Analytics:[nQSError: 17010]- ORA-01031: insufficient privileges, invalid identifier,  Bulk fetch failed.Check the DB object for the column being present in the
  17014] Could not connect to Oracle database.
Database Down , Tns Error, basic connectivity issue
  23006] The session variable, NQ_SESSION. has no value definition.
Check the default Value and also the underlying SQL in
  the IB
  96002] Essbase Error: Request [MdxReport] terminated since it exceeded the
  time limit
Its configuration set at the essbase admin to kill the
  long running sessions
  46118] Out of disk space.
Check the Memory configuration @ Essbase & Obi
  Server Level to overcome
Analytics: [nQSError:
  46017] Sort has no work space in the work directory.
The Tmp directory set in the obi configuration has
  reached its limits - privilege
  46066] Operation cancelled.
Close Cursor, cancel running request  by
  60009] The user request exceeded the maximum query governing execution time.
Long running MDX, SQL's send to the Data source being
  killed by server
  46073] Operation ''write() tmp dir No such file or directory.
Check the Write privilege to the tmp dir setting in the
  OBI - NQSconfig
  17014] ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier 
Check the basic setting of connection to Oracle DB
  17010] message: ORA-00910: specified length too long for its datatype at OCI
check the data type & Size of the column in
  physical layer of RPD and change
  59107] Set operation failed due to incompatible sort order.
validate the union reports and apply the correct sor
  order for the column
  42015] Cannot function ship the following expression: 
Tweak the column formula, apply the aggregation rule,
  get the MDX, Physical SQL
  96002] Essbase Error: Invalid login id - please login again
Check the Essbase server connectivity Details

  96002] Essbase Error: Network errorA descendent member of the expected level
  is returned. 
Check the Essbase hierarchy for the members being
  displayed in the report
  96002] Essbase Error: Network error: Timed out before receiving all data
Essbase Connectivity Issue - Check server, port,
  application, cube
  96002] Essbase Error: Application

  currently not accepting connections
Either the cube refresh / switch is in progress and obi
  96002] please check if you tried to connect to secure port
Server Config and Validation of the setting based on
  the data source connect
  59011] OverFlow occurred during the execution of AddFloat. 
Tweak the column formula , try conversion, check the
  SQL in Oracle
  96002] Essbase Error: Not enough memory for formula Set MAXFORMULACACHESIZE
Essbase.cfg- Tweak the setting in the Essbase Server
  17010] ORA-00980: synonym translation is no longer valid
Validate or recreate the synonym as required for the
  object used in the report
  46104] The current operation was about to overflow the stack. 
Get the Physical SQL , make it wok in Toad , and
  translate the fix on obi
  17010] ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected - got CLOB
Convert the  data type in column formula
   apply the size and then try
  22023] An arithmetic operation is being carried out on a non-numeric type.
Validate the column formula and apply the data type
  conversion operations
  22025] Function TimestampAdd is called with an incompatible type.
Validate the column formula and apply the data type
  conversion operations
  23006] The session variable, NQ_SESSION.SRR_QTR, has no value definition.
Check the SQL, default Value in the IB in the RPD of
  96002] Essbase Error: Administrator Has Temporarily Disabled User Commands
Essbase, server, application, cube is down or
   under maintenance
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