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Friday, January 13, 2017

Migrating from OBIEE 11g to 12c Part 1

 Migrating from Oracle BI 11g to 12c 

The purpose of this post is to document the migration steps from OBIEE 11g Linux based Sample Application v406 ( version to 12c and experiment with a new migration utility that was introduced in 12c.     

  • As of now only OBIEE release or later can be migration to 12c
  • The migration process used to be a major pain point in the OBIEE life cycle management.
  • OBIEE 12c now generates a single cohesive artifact containing the RPD, web cat and security settings that can be imported into the BI 12c environment; “In-place” (OBIEE binaries upgraded) is no longer available.

Install OBIEE 12c-

First of all Install OBIEE 12c (For Installing OBIEE 12c follow this Link)

Also note that Sample App v406 include JDK1.7; OBIEE 12c requires JDK1.8_051

Configure Java to use the latest JDK, (Use this Link for Reference )

Note : start|stop|status services may take quite a long time to run;

Generate the Migration Tool

Migration  tool creates a bundle OBIEE 11g archive which contains below elements
  • security configuration information
  • web catalog

It's a two step process as below: 
  1. we create the bundle and then we import the bundle into the newly created 12c system. 
  2. The BI migration tool is a jar file made available after OBIEE 12c installation; it is located in [ORACLE_HOME]/user_projects/domains/bi/bitools/bin/ where bi is the domain name

Run below command to generate the BI Migration Tool:

./ package bi-migration-tool.jar
Note that when your run
at the command line, it will echo the following;

The syntax above will be used after creating the jar file to generate the export bundle (next section).
  • “package” tells the BI Migration Script to perform a packaging operation.
  • “bi-migration-tool.jar” is the filename of the migration tool jar file where the output is written.

Below bi-migration-tool.jar is Created.

Next Step:

Since the  bi-migration-tool.jar is generated, now create a bundle that contains an export of our metadata information from the 11g Oracle home.

Create the export bundle

The export bundle can be created by executing below command at the shell prompt
java -jar bi-migration-tool.jar out   path>

Where below are the arguments needed:
  • out tells the migration tool to perform and export operation
  •  is Oracle BI home directory (Oracle_BI1)
  •  is the BI11g domain directory which is with out of the box installation  user_projects/domains/bifoundation_domain directory
  •  is the export bundle where the output is written, note that the output file has to have .jar extension

  • /app/oracle/biee/Oracle_BI1 is the OBIEE Sample Application v406 Oracle BI Home
  • /app/oracle/biee/user_projects/domains/bifoundation_domain is OBIEE Sample Application  v406 Oracle BI Home
  • /home/oracle/11gexport.jar is the export bundle
When it’s done and it is successful, the last message is “Migration action succeeded” .

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