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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Deploy Streamlit App on Hugging Face for Free

I assume that whoever is reading this article has either heard of Streamlit or has actually created an application utilizing it.

For your reference, Streamlit is among the simplest libraries I've ever used to create interactive dashboards and GUI applications. You don't need any prior HTML, Javascript, or CSS experience.

Cool, huh.

However, I want to concentrate on how to deploy the Streamlit app on hugging faces in this article. In addition to Hugging Face, the Streamlit app can be set up on Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP, Heroku, and the Streamlit Cloud.

But I discovered that hugging your face is the simplest.


1.Create one account in Hugging face.

2. Click on Create new space. you will get navigated to below screen

3.Provide space name . Choose license as 'Other' ,if you don't have any license. Select the Space SDK as 'streamlit'. Select 'Public'  . Then click on 'Create Space'.

4. Below screen will be displayed.

5.If you want to push your code directly from git you can follow 3 steps as mentioned on the page.

But if you dont have repository in git,Then simply click on 'Create' link.

6.Paste your code and click commit new line.

7. Then you can see on the top 'Building' is coming.

8.When the application 'Building' will be completed ,status will get changed to 'Running'.

9. Click on 'app' tab,you will be able to see your app .

10. Also you can create your requiremnets.txt and other files by clicking on Files an dVersion.


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